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शुक्रवार, 24 जून 2022

AIMIM cheif Asaduddin Owaisi target BJP । Seemanchal News Live

Hyderabad । AIMIM cheif Asaduddin Owaisi target BJP. Mr. Owaisi tweeted that By participating in a BRICS summit chaired by Xi Jinping, our PM is trying to sending a strong message that ties are not normal as Chinese forces continue to be in control of our territory in Ladakh.  This is how he shows “red eyes” to China.
                                  Janab Modi saheb,the problem is not on the border. The problem is in Delhi where we have weak government and a weak PM who hasn’t even uttered the word China for two years. 

When our new ambassador to Beijing met the Chinese foreign minister yesterday, one of the “four insistences” from the Chinese minister was to put the border in its “proper place”. Is our 56-inch PM acting as per those instructions from China?
India faces a very serious and potent military threat from China, all across the LAC. But our PM, in trying to save money, is playing with our military strength by introducing dangerous schemes like Agnipath. 
We need to build our strength to stand up to China and face its challenge. Under Wazir e Azam Modi, the power gap with China has only increased since 2014. The result is seen in his approach and attitude towards Beijing even as it occupies our land in Ladakh. 
In August 2019, Amit Shah wanted to give his life to take back Aksai Chin from China. Now he is unable to even ask China to vacate the areas it has occupied in 2020. The ITBP comes directly under Amit Shah.

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