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रविवार, 10 जनवरी 2021

On the instructions of AIMIM Chief Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi Sahab MP Hyderabad । Seemanchal News Live

On the instructions of AIMIM Chief Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi Sahab MP Hyderabad !

Today AIMIM Karwan MLA Janab Kausar Mohiuddin Sahab along with AIMIM party Karwan constituency Corporators Inaugurated various development works of VDCC Roads, CC Roads, BT Roads and Drinking water pipelines in Langer House Division, Karwan Division and Guddimalkapur Division under Karwan Constituency worth ₹3.04 Crores 

Following are the development works which were inaugurated by MLA sahab

1) CC road in Ravi galli, Satnarayan nagar 
worth ₹13.40 lakhs

2) CC road diva Ravi galli worth ₹9.90 lakhs 

3) Sewerage line works Satnarayan nagar
worth ₹7 lakhs

4) Water line works in Satnarayan nagar worth ₹3.70 lakhs 

5) Drinking water line in Vishveswar nagar worth ₹8.87 lakhs 

6) Drinking water Pipe line in tulja bhavani worth ₹13 lakhs 

7) Drinking water pipe line in Ganga nagar worth ₹25.70 lakhs 

8) Drinking water pipe line and CC road in Heera nagar worth ₹17 lakhs

9) Drinking water Pipe line in banjwadi worth ₹14.20 lakhs

10) Beautification of Netaji Nagar Park worth ₹28.50 lakhs 

11) Drinking water line in Arya samaj worth ₹16.80 lakhs 

12) Drinking water lines in karwan worth ₹30.55 lakhs 

13) VDCC road in Moghal nagar A worth ₹20.60 lakhs

14) VDCC road in Sardar bagh main road worth ₹47.70 lakhs 

15) VDCC Road in Mahboob colony sub line worth ₹18.60 lakhs

16) VDCC road at GM function hall tappa chabutra worth ₹14.70 lakhs

17) Construction of Ganga putra graveyard compound wall worth ₹19.90 lakhs

18) Drinking water line in Haridaspur worth ₹3.28 lakhs

19) Drinking water line in Prashant nagar Phase A worth ₹16.40 lakhs

20) Drinking water line in Prashant nagar worth ₹3.35 lakhs

21) Drinking water line in laxmi nagar worth ₹1.72 lakhs

During this inauguration AIMIM Karwan MLA Kausar Mohiuddin Sahab, Nanalnagar division Corporator Mohammed Naseer uddin, Karwan Division Corporator Swamy Yadav, Langar House division Co-Corporator Wajhi Uzzama, Co-Corporator Mohammed Fareed, Ex-Corporator Aziz khan Pathan, Rajender Yadav, Area unit presidents, Active workers were garlanded by well wishers in said divisions

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